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THE EAGLE AND SPRINGBOK Essays On Nigeria and South Africa

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Nigeria and South Africa account for about a third of Africa’s economic might, and have led much of its conflict management initiatives over the last two decades and a half. Both account for at least 60 per cent of the economy of their respective sub-regions in West and Southern Africa. The success of political and economic integration in Africa thus rests heavily on the shoulders of these two regional powers who have both collaborated and competed with each other in a complex relationship that is Africa’s most indispensable. Nigeria remains among South Africa’s largest trading partners in Africa, while both countries have cooperated in building the institutions of the African Union (AU). Both countries have also had a tremendous cultural impact on the continent in terms of Nollywood movies and the expansion of South Africa’s corporate sector into Africa. This book assesses Nigeria/South Africa relations in the areas of politics, economics, and culture within the context of rivalries and hegemony. Biographical profiles are also provided of important figures from both countries.

‘Adekeye Adebajo has delivered a magisterial, yet highly readable analysis of the high and low points, as well as the nuances, of the relationship between Africa’s “two giants”.’

Ibrahim Gambari

Former Foreign Minister of Nigeria, and Chair, Savannah Centre, Abuja

‘The intractable challenges that dog relations between Africa’s two economic giants need to be laid bare so they can be understood and addressed. This book does a good job of digging deep.’

Dianna Games

Executive Director, South Africa-Nigeria Chamber of Commerce, Johannesburg

‘As with Ali Mazrui, Adekeye Adebajo is informed, elegant, playful, yet profound. He juxtaposes personality with history, and contrasts two very different political cultures, economies, and varieties of capitalisms.’

Tim Shaw

Visiting Professor at the University of Massachusetts, United States

‘…creative, well-written, and a useful contribution to the field…meticulously researched, fluent, insightful, and engaging.’

Jason Warner

Assistant Professor, West Point, United States

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