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Boys Who Rocked the World : From King Tut to Tiger Woods

Author: Lar De Souza


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Where would the world be without boys like you? What do Galileo, Bill Gates and the Dalai Lama all have in common? They all accomplished amazing feats and changed world history before reaching their twenties! In Boys Who Rocked the World, you will read about thirty real boys, past and present, who changed the world by following their dreams. Get to know boys like, King Tut, who became one of the youngest pharaohs of Egypt at age nine. From the chaos of his father’s reign, he brought back peace and prosperity to his people. Chico Mendes, who at fifteen protested against the rubber barons in the Amazon jungle, protecting workers and the environment. Elvis Presley, the boy who rocked the world with rock ‘n’ roll at nineteen. Never conforming to the social norm, he revolutionized American music, with his dancing and his lyrics. Tiger Woods, a boy who started breaking all age records in golf at the age of three. So how are you going to rock the world?

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