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Buhari The Making Of a President

Author: Jimi Lawal
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Thrilling read! Few events in Nigeria’s national history have been as momentous as the 2015 Federal election. The emergence of the Buhari administration was a climacteric for the simple reason that Nigeria was beginning to stand out in Africa as the only country where incumbency was unimpeachable through a free and fair election. President Buhari’s election put an end to that self-destructive aspect of the Nigeria experience of democracy. In brilliant language, elegant prose, admirable attention to detail, this book offers a rigorous inside view of the long march to that important moment in our country’s search for a credible path to membership of the credible global democratic order. The author is not selfish: in a masterful display of craft, his voice yields to and deftly blends the multiple voices, perspectives, and actions of the principal players, actors, institutions, and the political platform that eventuated in what the book calls “themaking ofa President.” Chronicles of history and memory do not have to be bold. They just need to engage the facts and the details. This book goes beyond that exigency. It is a bold book because it reinvests in and loudly asserts the pledges, hopes, and promises that went into President Buhari’s pact with the electorate. It is in this sense that it doubles as memory and prod- prod to the President and all whose actions are chronicled in the book, all whose voices are recorded in the book, that the making of history is always followed by the judging of history. It is a renewed call to action. Buy this book. Add it to your library. Youll be happy you did!

Pius Adesanmi,
Winner of the Penguin Prize for African Writing

As National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), who presided over the processes and campaign leading to the emergence, as candidate, and ultimate victory of Muhammadu Buhari as President of Nigeria, I consider it a sacred duty that facts of this history are accurately recorded for posterity.

“Buhari: The Making of a President” written by Jimi Lawal, from an insider’s perspective, presents a blow-by-blow account of how voters rallied behind principles and hope for a better future, rather than immediate pecuniary gains, to elect a president. This marked thefirst time that an incumbent president lost re-election in Nigeria.

In this book, the reader is introduced to the man, Buhari, from his early beginning: a personality whose sense of honour, candour, simplicity and integrity. through the years, had endeared him to millions of his compatriots. Jimi Lawal has written an honest and captivating account of how Muhammadu Buhari became Nigeria’s President against all odds. It is a must read andl commend it to all who wish to know the story of the first display of people power in Nigeria resulting in the unprecedented defeat of an incumbent President.

John E. K. Odigie-Oyegun CON
National Chairman
All Progressives Congress

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