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Conversation With History

Author: Dan Agbese
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onversation with History features mostly people who, for want of a better expression, have made it in life: public officers, captains of industry, of human endeavour. They played various roles in shaping our contemporary national history. Through this book, their views and voices will continue to be heard loud and clear long after they and their interviewers must have played their part and left the stage. We believe their views on various aspects of our national development constitute some of the raw materials for future historians who may wish to shed some light on some of the critical events in our national history. an Agbese holds degrees in mass communication and journalism from the University of Lagos and Columbia University, New York, respectively. A former editor of the Nigeria Standard, the New Nigerian, as well as former general manager of Radio Benue, Agbese is one of the founders of Newswatch magazine. He was until the end of April 2010 the Editor-in-Chief of the magazine. He is the author of several acclaimed books including, Fellow Nigerians Nigeria, Their Nigeria Style, A Guide to Good Writing The Reporter’s Companion The Columnist’s Companion, The Art and Craft of Column Writing Ibrahim Babangida, The Military, Politics and Power in Nigeria.

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