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Fellow Nigerians: Turning Points In The History Of Nigeria

Author: Dan Agbese
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Two kinds of military literature have emerged in Nigeria over the last decade or so. The first are the accounts by or of military men justifying their actions in coups or the civil war. The second is the largely boring ululations and lullabies of psychopaths in the name of biographers. Fellow Nigerians introduces a much more serious genre that addresses the curious connection between the profiles of our past leaders and their subsequent roles in retirement. Dan Agbese has served us, largely unedited, a fascinating repertoire of the foibles, recklessness, tardiness, the litter and glitter of the maiden addresses of Nigerian past heads of state and those whose dreams were aborted in the blind quest for power and glory from Major Chukwuma Nzeogwu to President Olusegun Obasanjo. This book takes us into the mindset of those men. It has fourteen chapters with very apt, philosophical, and crisp titles such as only the author, famous for his linguistic economy, grammatical dexterity, and elegance, can capture. It is the result of the masterly application of a solid and very hard nose of a time-tested journalist, which over the years, has been hammered on the anvil of experience and sharpened on the touchstone of intellectuality. It has logic in its sequence but is not rigid in ideology, It is emotive in its textual presentation, but far from being explosive in its claims, it has painful conclusions and lessons for the patriot, but it is not disdainful of its subject matter.

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