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Islam in the West: Identity Crisis, Multiculturalism and Conflict

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The book argues that the resurgence of Islam has put the triumph of the West in jeopardy — the end of Western civilization. The book’s frank discussion points that the end of history could be referred to as the renaissance of Islam, and its confrontation with the West.Perhaps, more significant is that the book provides insights on radical Islam in the West, and the impact of e-terrorism in a global digitalized world. The book’s frank discussion points to the evolution of Islam in the West, and the utopian ideology of radical Muslims—the study provides critical political discussions in the international sphere. There is, the book argues—a transposition of relevance from the West to Islamic civilization, and the reaffirmation of Muslim identity.To this end, this book explores complexities on evolving concepts on Muslims in the West. It does this by explaining and evaluating the symbiotic relationship between Islam and the West. In particular, it analyses the behaviour of Muslims and their pursuance of a religious identity. It also provides fresh debates on the concept of religious nationalism within Western societies. The central aim of this book is to explain the difficulties in the assimilation and integration of Muslims in Western societies.The book’s ingenuity lies in its analysis of Islam and its multifaceted relationship with Western Europe, America, Canada and Australia.

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