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Pantami Trials and Triumphs Of A Digital Economy Maestro

Author: Yushau Shuaib
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This book narrates how the Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Prof Ali Isa Pantami strengthened the Communications and Digital Economy sector by introducing functional policy instruments to guide and shape our ascendant participation in this exciting new world. As the title of this unique effort of Yushau Shuaib bears, change – which Pantami has been an agent of- never comes easy nor is it readily accepted, as many are already comfortable in the status quo, which they could have become profiteers of, would resist and fight back at the agent or agency of reform. The author shows us through Pantami’s story that rather than change being a mere walk in the park, the experiences of the change agent are characteristically tough and discouraging. But Pantami managed to thrive. The evidence of his strides is chronicled in this book.

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