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RMD: Portrait of A Warri Boy

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Indeed, RMD’s story is that of hard work, farsightedness and determination to succeed. Welcome to the world of a quintessential, magnetic and immensely talented actor of vast credits, who has continued to enjoy super roles on stage and screen… a thespian of outstanding ability.

-Shaibu Husseini

…in the company of the noble lords of Nigerian stage and screen… RMD’s mark represents an unequivocal dominion of both stage and screen. Like all those men and women (before him), he did not just emerge as a figment of murky imagination. He paid the heavy dues of dedication, honing his special artistic gifts and craft, a feat many of today’s theatre and Nollywood actors are incapable of mastering,

-Segu Ojewuyi

RMD has continued to work hard to dominate the acting industry… a man who craves knowledge, he says no knowledge gained is lost; and as an actor, everything learned can only assist him in his life’s journey.

Dele Momodu

RMD always returns to the world that gives him fulfilment, where his bond with people can be tested on a platter of love; he returns to the industry where he remains one of the revolutionary and venerated founding members. RMD returns to the circle of friends, those who knew him when life was very ordinary…

-Okoh Aihe


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