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Selected Works Of Chief Issac O. Delano On Yoruba Language

Author: Toyin Falola
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This book provides four of the major language-related works of Chief Isaac Oluwole Delano. They constitute the masterpiece of his pivotal contribution to the Yoruba language and, in a way, to its literature, a feat that places Delano over and above his contemporaries in the pioneering efforts of intellection on the broad field of Yoruba studies. With this anthology, comprising of t four books, A Modern Yoruba Grammar; Agbeka Oro Yoruba: Appropriate words and expressions in Yoruba; Conversation in Yoruba and English; and Atumo Ede Yoruba, we showcase and bring to the close range of students, teachers, scholars and other beneficiaries of Yoruba, a lifetime achievement of a mega-lover of the Yoruba language, culture and literature. This document, in excess of 900 pages, is a valuable “mobile library” so much needed in an age when indigenous knowledge bases are endangered and the potential beneficiaries of such knowledges are the first to run away from them.

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