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Singing & Singing Back

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Singing & Singing Back the African Woman This book is about African women: women writing women, men writing women, and women critiquing the works Of women and on women. It is about the economic and soCi0- cultural realities that the African woman has to grapple with. It is about being violated and maimed at the very core of her being; it is about being demonized, objectified and commoditized. It is about being robbed of her childhood. It is about being denied control of her body, of her sexuality, of her personhood. It is about being denied her fundamental human rights. It is about being vilified just for being a female. It is also about challenging the status quo, self-definition, and self-affirmation. It is about breaking the silence; finding a voice. It is about the imperative of the female principle in African society.

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