The Politics of Biafra and the Future of Nigeria is a reflection on the importance of history in addressing present realities and the future of the coexistence of Nigeria’s multi-ethnic society. It analyses the ideological struggles and conflict in Biafra during the war with Nigeria from 1967-1970, the impact of the war, and the relevance of those struggles to the current agitations for a new state of Biafra. In this historical and analytical work, the author observes that nearly fifty years after the end of the Nigerian-Biafra war in 1970, Nigeria is still grappling with the Biafran dilemma. No matter its pretensions, Nigeria will at some point have to reform its present pseudo-federal arrangement to create a more inclusive, equitable, and proper federal structure. If not, the country will continue to face epileptic developmental thrusts, militancy in the Niger Delta and a ruinous intensifying clamor for self-determination by disadvantaged ethnic groups, especially the Igbo.

The author argues that in the world, in the era of technology-inspired globalization, it is impossible to hold an unwilling people hostage in any country without negative consequences. He makes a case for a new order in Nigeria, expressing the view that Nigeria is caught in a vicious circle of graft and instability and nothing will change until Nigeria finds the proper foundational matrix to galvanize the talents and resources of the people and create a productive economy.


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