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The Road Never Forget Memoirs by Yemi Ogunbiyi

Author: Yemi Ogunbiyi
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Yemi Ogunbiyi’s The Road Never Forgtets is a book you’ll read, and never forget A chronicle of the authors ife so far in our crisis-ridden COuntry. it recreates with dramatic aplomb some of the most telling moments of his biography.hightighting the low and high points, the tricky Crossroads and critical furning points,while at the same time celebrating the felicitous occasions as well as the fellow travellers he meets on this journey that is really, ultimately, a quest for self-identity.The outcome is this wonderful book, a literary tour de force more or less; what American friends would call ‘a hell of a story.

Written in the author’s customary breczy style, with its deceptively simple locution, its fluid. mellifluous diction and syntactic grace. the work turns out to be not only a scintillating account of Ogunbiyi’s personal life. but also in fact an unusually lucid and riveting profile of the adventure of an entire generation. There is a
sorcery in Ogunbiyi’s power of recall, an enchantment in his mastery of trope and idiom, and above all, a touching munificence in his collation of remembered events, such that this book will appeal to friends and foes alike. Therefore I must warn the prospective reader in advance: this is one of those books that, once you begin to read, you’ll not be able to put away till you reach the final full-stop.

Professor Emeritus Femi Osofisan, theatre
director, actor, critic. poet, novelist, editor and
newspaper columnist

A magnificent autobiographical story rendered in lucid, graceful and enchanting prose… a testament to the remarkable life and career of one of Africa’s most accomplished media personalities and public intellectuals of modern times. His childhood was cradled in a’tri-ethnic’ culture, a factor that influenced his liberal and pan-Nigerian outlook.

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