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World Peace Through World Law

Author: Fred Aja Agwu
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This book, World Peace through World Law: The Dilemma of the
United Nations Security Council, is a clear, logical and lucidly written contribution to one of the world’s most pressing problems – the attainment of world peace. The author passionately believes that the path to world peace is through the implementation of the recommendations contained therein. Dr Agwu is not one who sits on the fence. His views are clearly stated and his positions arrived at after the presentation of the authorities that support his contentions. He leaves one in no doubt that he is an extremely knowledgeable academic.

Professor Yinka Omorogbe
Professor of Public International Law, and
Dean, Faculty of Law, University of Ibadan, Nigeria

Fred Aja Agwu, BSc, MILD, PhD, was a lecturer in the Department of Political Science, University of Lagos, before proceeding to the Nigerian Institute of International Affairs (NIIA), Lagos, where he now works as a Research Fellow. He, however, remained for a long time a visiting lecturer at Lagos State University (LASU) where he
taught in the Master of International Relations and Strategic Studies (MIRSS) class. His PhD is in International Law, with specialization in the Law of Armed Conflict. Thus, Dr Agwu’s research commitments cut across the law of peace, law of war (including international humanitarian law) and the law after the war, including the dynamics of the rule of postliminy. In his first book, United Nations System, State Practice and the Jurisprudence of the Use of Force, Dr Agwu’s established competence in this triad of Durante ad Bellum Durante in Bello and Durante Post Bellum is visibly displayed. His articles have appeared in journals. One of such articles is “Civil Wars and the Modern Laws of Armed Conflicts.” He has also published works on human rights and territorial asylum.

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