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African Myths And Legends Of Gender


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No respectable Writer, in the different spheres of human rational endeavor has the intellectual temerity to deny near-universal discrimination against women, at all places and at all times in the world. the raw facts of document experience, in several human cultures, testify to this (Grimshaw 1986:36).

However, contrary to popular academic views feminism is not a theory about women. When deeply understand, the discourse is, basically, intellectual dialogue about the roles and position of men and women in society.

Feminism is a critique of male chauvinism based on the ideology of sexism. Its basic axiom is: “All women, by virtue of being women, are inferior to all men, by virtue of being a man.”The current thesis is that is a social construct that is neither scientifically nor rationally justifiable.

African Myths and legend of Gender is a chronicle analysis of the lives and activities of a few black men and women. The book draws attention to some distinctions pointed out by professor Ali Mazuri. He identifies and compares African Begin Sexism with Western Benevolent and Malignment Sexism.. the real situation in many traditional African societies was that although women were never given equal rights with men, they were not regarded as totally inferior or diabolical as is the case in western culture.

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