Since the beginning of time, technology has been evolving with every passing minute. ICT is not any different as it has expanded the media of exchange of information and ideas beyond description. As things keep changing, observers and historians, even journalists, who want to keep up with the tide must remain on their toes for 24 hours in order not to miss out on any latest, breakthrough or innovation deployed to solve current challenges. This is exactly what Fom Gyem and Zeenat Sambo have been doing for some time now -writing breathtaking feature articles on a regular basis to keep their largely youthful readers abreast of latest developments in the digital world and ICT-compliant Nigeria with a view to exposing the challenges the latter is facing in her bid to meet up with the former, and what is being done by the Ministry of Communications and Digital Economy, and other relevant public institutions as well as private trailblaizers, to bridge the gap. In this Book: “Building a Safer Digital Economy in Nigeria: Musings of Young Female Writers,” the two young, brilliant female prose stylists take the reader through issues and developments in Digital Economy, Cybersecurity, Digital Infrastructure, E- Governance, Evolution of Startups, Skill Acquisition, Digital Literacy in Nigeria and lots more… It’s a must read!

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