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Divine Love by Maryam Jokolo

Author: Maryam Jokolo


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Divine Love is a story that I believe offers some solutions to many of the problems our world faces today, especially some of the problems faced by Muslims. Often people mistake extremist acts for Islamic teachings. This created a bad image for Islam and Muslims around the world which has led to the phobia of the religion and its followers by people outside its fold. And so, whenever any crime is committed, Muslims would be the first suspects to come under scrutiny. This has led to violent attacks and other acts of discrimination against Muslims.
This book is an attempt to break those misconceptions and show the world the true image of Islam. The image that has been lost and overshadowed by the actions and misconceptions of a misguided few. In the book, true Islamic teachings have been espoused in the life journey of a young Muslim lady who is actively involved in activities aimed at advancing the cause of humanity. This book also tries to show how Muslims are not less human with good human qualities just because they uphold their religious teachings and values and how Islam has given them a better view of themselves, their communities, and the world as a whole.

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