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Fate Of A Cockroach And Other Plays

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“The Fate of a Cockroach” is an original three-act play by Tawfiq al-Hakim. The play is about the author’s complete dissatisfaction with the people of the Egyptian population and the social revolution that occurred during the time. The play is a reflection of the author’s reality of life for humans. The play is controversial as on one hand al-Hakim shows cockroaches being like humans and, contrary to that, he contrasts humans with Cockroaches. It is still difficult to determine if the writer is trying to mock all the vices of the population and the Egyptian people specifically or is a shining illustration of the use of absurdity in the story. The principal objective of the author is to critique his Egyptian administration and army for accurately describing the current state of the nation and the results of the culture and political life in Egypt and making the people confront the real issues.

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