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From The Farm To The Citadel

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The overall universal lesson that I see emerging from his book is that a generous dose of hard work plus a touch of good luck takes one a long way everywhere on earth and makes one attain to greater heights. . That lesson, in my view, very strongly recommends the book to all people, young and old, who genuinely desire to improve their lot through their own honest effort. Professor Oladele Awobuluyi Prof Adu’s book brings clarity to two factors vital to happiness- your relationships and your achievements. A Must-Read autobiography for everyone who wants to make an impact on future generations. Titi Akinbohun, Editor Straigt Gate Publishers Between the Farm and the Citadel, what is the distance and where are the landmarks in the journey? One person, three different worlds, with two different rationalities, varied logic, contrasting materiality. Theist at first, atheist in-between, theist later and total dissolution into the Godhead. Life is a journey. That journey we see, in lucid narration, in the life pursuits of Professor Festus Doyin Adu, who moved from the traditional African non-literate, poverty stricken farm setting to the modern American literate, affluent city of Atlanta and other world centers of knowledge. The distance between the farm that was the cradle of Prof. Adu and the citadels of learning where he left his footprints can’t be the same for any other person without the background, belief system and spiritual orientation of Prof Adu. Neither would the landmarks be very similar. The deciding factor and the distinguishing characteristics of the experiences recounted in this seminal autobiography are the very visible and unmistakable hand of God in the life journey of this outstanding scholar and notable follower of the Lord Jesus Christ. Prof Adu had manifested enough talent and gifts from childhood to be inclined to take his life in his own hand. And so he submitted to the leading of God and allowed Him to take control of his life journey. The outcome is the good success that this man of great intellect with an excellent spirit has achieved and which he has graciously laid bare for us to see and learn from. I enjoyed both the substance and its literary style. And for all these reasons, I enthusiastically recommend this addition to the collection of significant autobiographies. ‘Sina Kawonise, Managing Director/Editor-in-Chief, Nigerian Compass newspaper.

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