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Gimson’s Pronunciation of English



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This seventh edition has been revised throughout, with particular emphasis on those areas which have seen rapid change in recent years. A new Introduction gives an overview of phonetics, examines the notion of a standard English accent, and outlines key concepts in the learning of English as a first language and as an additional language. All the central chapters have been updated, notably by the inclusion of revised articulatory diagrams based on recent MRI scans.
This new edition considers the developing status of English as an international language and discusses the current debate about the idea of a global pronunciation standard as an alternative to Received Pronunciation and General American.
The layout of the book is now more user-friendly with the use of text boxes to summarise key information and an accompanying website, www.hodderplus.com/linguistics, contains exercises for learners; fMRI scans of English phrases, including all the vowels and consonants; and recordings by the author of part of the book.
Since its first publication, Gimson’s Pronunciation of English has been the essential reference book for anyone studying or teaching the phonetics of English. It includes comprehensive coverage of individual vowels and consonants together with their variation and history; their articulation and acoustics, their rhythm and intonation, and how they develop in young children and foreign learners. All this ensures that Gimson’s Pronunciation of English will remain the most authoritative introduction to English phonetics for many years to come.
It is beyond doubt that this book remains the most authoritative introduction to English phonetics…with this new edition, Cruttenden has contributed his part to safeguard the place the book merits for the coming years. — Linguistics If one could use the phrase ‘classic text’ at this point in the history of phonetics literature, A.C. Gimson’s An Introduction to English Pronunciation would aptly fit the description. Cruttenden’s reputation as a phonetician plainly shows throughout the book. Once I started reading it, I could not help but wonder if perhaps Erasmus was mistaken when he said “as no one is so good that he cannot be made better, so no book is so complete that it cannot be improved”(letter to John Botzheim, 1523). — Revista Alicantina de Estudios Ingleses This updated edition of Gimson’s classic will maintain its status as the foremost description of British varieties of English pronunciation. — International Phonetic Association 20030529 This latest edition of Gimson’s Pronunciation of English does an excellent job of bringing this classic up to date. Cruttenden’s new edition will ensure that Gimson’s Pronunciation of English will maintain its position as the most comprehensive and authoritative introduction to English phonetics for years to come. It thus remains an indispensable reference book for anyone involved in studying or teaching the pronunciation of English. — English Language Teaching Journal 20021001 –This text refers to an out-of-print or unavailable edition of this title.

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