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He Leadeth Me: Autobiographical Testimonies Of Olukayode Oyediran

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Teaching in Secondary School

Of couse I knew the subject very well but I had considerable difficulty in persuading the young boys to think logicaly when solving problems rather than working to the answer decided to deal with the matter in a special way. Whenever I marked their seripts (whethe homework or tests), Iwould award some marks to those who tackled the problems logically but ended up with the wrong answer due to some error(s) on the way. However, those who presented illogical steps but ended up writing down the correct answer were scored zero. It took some tìme and effort but, I believe, the message gradually sank in.

Undergraduate Years UK

Shortly afterl got to Guy’sl came to the conclusion that what I really wanted to do was to read politics, philosophy and economics (PPE) at Oxford and then law and international relations… My dilemma was that I was on a UAC scholarship for medicine. It seemed most unlikely that UAC cOuld be persuaded to allow me to changge my course of study. Also, it seemed unreasonable to expect my father (who wanted me to become a doctor) to agree that I could jettison the UAC scholarship and that he should find money to support my proposed studies at Oxford. In the event, I decided to pray that I should win the football pools so that i could present my father with a fait accompli. My prayers were not answered, even though I was a veryactive member of the Christian Union!”

Vice-Chancellor Years at U.l.

In addition, what may be described as municipal matters – especially the supply of water and electricity-regularly caused or aggravated the problems with the unions. Indeed, at a meeting of the council of the university, I suggested that the post of vice-chancellor should be re designated ‘Mayor and Chief Security Officer’ because most of my work was devoted to the provision of electricity, water and security, as well as the clearing of refuse on the campus. The members of the council treated my suggestion as a joke; however it was intended to draw attention to a veryunsatisfactory situation.”

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