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Igbos Twenty Five Years After Biafra

Author: Joe Igbokwe
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Joe Igbokwe took abachelor of Mechanicalengineering from the University of Nigeria in 1985. He is the President of First Grade International – a Motor Company based in Lagos. He is a widely-read and vastly-published commentator on national issues.

The Igbos are admired by many as the most resourceful of Nigeria’s many ethnic groups. Variously known as “the Jews of Africa,” the Igbos live and work in every inch of Nigerian soil. Their high visibility has sometimes elicited someclashes with other ethnic groups, especially the Hausa-Fulani in the North. The Igbos fought the
1967-70 Biafra War of Secession from Nigeria. Twenty- years after the gruesome Nigerian Civil War, the Igbos still of marginalisation. In this incisive book, cry Joe Igbokwe brings to bear on the Igbo question a dispassionate attention that is at once engaging and very candid.

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