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On Wings of Light: Reflections on Cybernetics, Africa and the Wider World

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As our world battles on from a Darkened past and an equally Dark present, a steady beam of Light persists. It is eternal and within the core Spirit of humankind. It has long sought full release; opening wide the flood-gates of Actuation, Inclusion and Life Engagement. On Wings of Light declares this time has already arrived. Sharply accelerating transfigurative effects, it contends, are due to the advent of Cybernetics; the combined operation of Electronics and Communications in our modern world. Cybernetics not only brings Great Light to illuminate age-old Corridors of Darkness; it points mankind in the direction of a bright and promising Horizon Future. In the unfolding of this future, it maintains that Africa, with its vast lands, folk, resources, root Ethic of Light and increasing prominence, will play the determining role. Exploring relevant concepts, thoughts and perceptions; this work reflects on their meaning, significance and stimulus to practical research and activity.

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