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Party Coalitions In Nigeria

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This book is a comprehensive appraisal of the political history of Nigeria since colonisation, with emphasis on political parties. The author argues that party coalitions in Nigeria can be explained by the factors of heterogeneity as well as the political systems the country has experimented with. He asserts the influence of the institution of the presidency in the current trend towards a two-party system.

“A panoramic nugget book for students in Political Science and History—it will serve well the public interest who are trying to find answers to the maze in the political landscape”

Kolade Mosuro
Mosuro The Booksellers Limited, Ibadan

“One of the best books I have read on Nigerian politics”

Anthony Kirk-Greene
University of Oxford

Anthony Akinola is an independent research scholar. A graduate of Political Science and Law from Howard and Oxford Universities respectively, he is the author of the Search for a Nigerian Political System (1986), Rotational Presidency (1996) and Democracy in Nigeria: Thoughts and Selected Commentaries (2013). His articles and reviews have appeared in prominent journals which include African Affairs, The Journal of Modern African Studies, The Journal of Commonwealth and Comparative Politics and The Round Table. He has also published numerous articles in newspapers and magazines. Akinola’s published essay was once read on BBC radio and he has, on two been invited to participate in the Lorenzo Natali Prize in Journalism.

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