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Philosophical Logic: An Introduction to Advanced Topics


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Taking students beyond classical mathematical logic, Philosophical Logic is a wide-ranging introduction to more advanced topics in the study of philosophical logic.

Starting by contrasting familiar classical logic with constructivist or intuitionist logic, the book goes on to offer concise but easy-to-read introductions to such subjects as quantificational and syllogistic logic, modal logic, and set theory.

Chapters include:
· Sentential Logic
· Quantificational Logic
· Sentential Modal Logic
· Quantification and Modality
· Set Theory
· Incompleteness
· An Introduction to Term Logic
· Modal Term Logic

In addition, the book includes a list of symbols and a glossary of terms for ease of reference, and exercises throughout help students master the topics covered in the book. Philosophical Logic is an essential, student-friendly guide for anyone studying these difficult topics as part of their Logic course.

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