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Team Art The Science Of Success In The Primary Human Organisation

Author: Femi Badaki
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“…By integrating state of the art thinking with his own deep insights into the nature of humarn beings, Badaki has created a pathway for anyone who has the patience and perseverance to fashion teams capable of dramatically impacting work on any field of endeavour”

Rick ANDERSON President, Insitu Foods Inc. USA

“Badaki shares valuable and directly usable knowledge about teams in a systematic and visionary way… to make us reflect on the individuals that make up a team, the importance of work definition and the evolution of a team’s personality…” –

Aulikki KUUSELA Director of Operations, Human Resources Vice President The World Bank

An important contribution to the body of knowledge related to TEAMS in terms of composition, effectiveness and dynamics. The author provides a novel treatment of the subject matter by utilizing a systematic approach in contrast to previous linear and simplistic offerings…”

Dr Alfred LEWIS Prof. Corporate Strategy and Int’l Finance Editor, Business Strategy Series, Emerald Publishing, England

The more you progress in the reading of “Team Art, the more you are drawn into Badaki’s concept of the primary human organisation. He challenges many of our established beliefs… His conceptual frame work forces us to pause and rethink the way we perceive Teams. We also gain new insights into how we can set about forming, leading and nurturing teams.


Shigeo KATSU Vice President, Europe and Central Asia Region The World Bank

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