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Telling It As It Is

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Chief Adebanjo is a great federalist and a reliable and consistent fighter for democracy and free elections in our country, Nigeria. He was at the forefront of the Nigerian patriots who organised and galvanised the struggle against the annulment of the June 12, 1993 elections. He never compromised his belief in the struggle. When the true history of real democracy in Nigeria is written, Chief Adebanjo’s contributions will occupy a stellar place of pride. –High Chief Chukwuma Bamidele Azikiwe. The Owelle of Onitsha This must be one of the long expected books on the Nigerian political scene. It is so for all progressive Nigerian politicians, particularly those of us who have, in the last four or five decades, been circumstantially diverted to the political theatre from academic and other professional communities. The book is an unshielded branding of Chief Adebanjo’s inner thoughts, experiences decades overdue: A reading that invariably brings smiles in recalling the dedication of an Awoist and the dream called Awoism. It is a reminder of where we started as Awoists, how we have been shaped and a true assessment of where we are heading. –Cornelius Olatunji Adebayo Former Governor of Kwara State


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