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The Deity by M.A ESAN



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The complexities of humanity as pertaining to the reality of his wants and basic needs may sum up his reactions to the thirst for survival; his characters are predetermined by the prior arrangements of these similar but distinct entities in array with his conceptional perspective of knowledge. What if the things we regard and so easily condemn to be carnal are spiritual re-enactments to stage equilibrium in our recondite nature of existence?

The quest for power, strife, jealousy, and hate, are all pre-programmed in a time before knowing; after all, light and darkness exist co-dependently. The book describes the adventure of a man who is caught between the contemptuous colossal struggles of a demiurge to attaining sovereignty. As a vessel of light to the Empyrean and one to be sacrificed to unlock the hidden grace of Chaos, the faith of mankind confronts the threat of falling into the bosom of a new God.


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