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The Last Flight: A Pilot remembers the Airforce and the Biafran Air Attacks

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(Chapters 15 to 18) recollect the coups, the social/political repercussions, and the dramatic escape of the author and others from their Kaduna air force base. The rest of the chapters (from Chapter 19 to Chapter 52) record the setting up of Biafra Air Force, procurement of a bewildering assortment of aircraft (or more appropriately any contraptions that could fly).
But the story of LAST FLIGHT is far larger and deeper than a tale of war and one service: a gifted story-teller, the author uses the vintage point of Biafran Air Force to knit together the essential happenings in virtually all sectors of the war theatre including its political environment. The book is almost a full picture of Biafra seen through the clear lenses of a major actor, if we discount the opening chapters that help the reader to touch base with the author’s early years of professional training. Through the author’s integrity of perspective and seamless flow of description of events, the various sectors of the Biafran endeavour appear, not as range of disparate episodes but as an integral network of one gallant collective.

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