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The Year In San Fernando

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MICHAEL ANTHONY has an exceptional talent for evoking childhood. The Year in San Fernando (CWS 1) is an outstanding example but the other titles are equally sensitive portrayals of growing up in Trinidad. The Games Were Coming (CWS 17). Green Days by the River (CWS 9) and Cricket in the Road (CWS 16), all appear in the Caribbean Writers Series. He has also published Streets of Conflict, a novel set in Brazil. Michael Anthony was born in Mayaro in 1932. He worked as a molder in an iron foundry at Pointe a Pierre, Trinidad, before he went to Eng- land in 1955 where he worked in factories, for the railways, and as a telegraphist. He then went to Brazil, and since returning to Trinidad has written books about the history of Port of Spain and Trinidad. Sparkling clarity,. gentleness and irony were the qualities admired by a Sunday Times reviewer in Michael Anthony’s first novel. They appear again in The Year in San Fernando. It is so deeply experienced and so accurately evoked that we ourselves live it. Twelve-year-old Francis is the son of a widowed mother, very poo who is struggling to raise her family in Mayaro, a Trinidadian village The boy gets the chance to go for a year to San Fernando to work servant-companion to old Mrs. Chandles who lives with her grand ar frightening son. His mother considers it a splendid opportunity for hir but he is Scared: he has never seen a town, or a house with pictures on the walls and has never been away from the warmth of his family.

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