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Thelma’s Stories: The Life Experiences of an Overcomer



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Thelma’s Stories: The Life Experiences of an Overcomer recounts the many experiences that Mrs. Thelma Coleman Alex faced as she grew up a child of America’s Great Depression. They revisit the pain of being shuffled from house to house at the time, especially as her parents left home to find work to earn a living. As a young girl, she faced the challenges of living in grinding poverty as well as experiencing humor, love, and compassion even in the midst of frequent troubles. Collectively, the stories invariably give voice to the experiences and thoughts of many from a time that is often not remembered by many in American history. Above all, these carefully woven and presented stories reflect God’s provision and protection, which shaped young Thelma Coleman’s life into a resilient, compassionate, and educated woman, who loved the Lord with all her heart. As an octogenarian, Mrs. Thelma Coleman Alex, affectionately called Grandma Felma by her grandchildren, sees her three grandchildren – Kwadwo, Livingston, and Livia – as the joys of her life, hence she happily dedicated the publication to the three of them.

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