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Work And Worship: Selected Speeches Of Sir Ahmadu Bello

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Sardauna was regarded by many, especially from the southern part of the country as vain, arrogant,haughty dictatorial and dubious. Someone to be feared and someone to be avoided at all times, but to us who were close to him. He was a simple man of warmth and affection, open and giving, generous ever too generous, fair, compassionate and loyal.

If you happen to visit him everyday or every week or every month, if you fail to turn up twice, the Sardauna would send someone or go himself personally to find out what was wrong. He was very easily affronted but always quick to make amends. He was no less humble for his failings and always put the fear of God and God’s blessings in all his undertakings.

The Sardauna had a wonderful capacity for serving the people. He was never tired of traveling either by road or by air in order to render services to the people. In one of his speeches he said, “I personally dedicate myself to work untiringly for the progress and happiness of the new North. I swear in the name of Allah that if I die today, I would leave nothing but a legacy of a struggle for the liberation, welfare and dignity of the masses of this country”.
Wazirin Katsina

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