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An Introduction to Philosophy: The Perennial Principles of the Classical Realist Tradition



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An Introduction to Philosophy is intended for the general reader as well as for the student. Its primary purpose is to present the elements of philosophy with simplicity and clarity in order to arouse that sense of wonder that Aristotle says is the beginning of the love of wisdom.
This well-structured overview begins with a historical study of philosophy, tracing the evolution of philosophical problems from their simplest origins, and continues with an analysis of the more concrete problems about the man himself. The more abstract problems of man and his relation to the world around him make up the final study of this book. Sullivan works in the great classical realist tradition of Plato, Aristotle, Augustine, Aquinas, and their modern-day inheritors, exposing the perennially valid and vital principles of philosophy and emphasizing the profound moral and social implications of these principles. He respects the distinction between natural and revealed wisdom but does not hesitate to point out how the conclusions of philosophy are complemented by the truths of revelation. An Introduction to Philosophy clearly demonstrates that philosophy is a good deal more than a classroom exercise!

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