Key Concepts in Philosophy is a series of concise, accessible, and engaging introductions to the core ideas and subjects encountered in the study of philosophy. Specially written to meet the needs of students and those with an interest in, but little prior knowledge of, philosophy, the books open up fascinating, yet sometimes difficult ideas. The series builds to give a solid grounding in philosophy and each book is also ideal as a companion to further study. An understanding of logic is fundamental to the study of philosophy. This stimulating and thorough guidebook offers a clear explanation and exploration of the central issues and questions addressed when studying logic. The topics covered include Reason and unreason; Proving a point; Entailment; Truth; The logic of components of speech and language. This is an invaluable resource for those studying logic for the first time, this text provides a sound grasp of a fascinating, but often complex – and even daunting – component of the philosophy

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