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Build, Innovate and Grow: My Vision for Our Country

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• How can Nigeria overcome its leadership capital deficit? • How can women get equality in the areas of: access to education, access to finance, marital protection rights, violence, and the poor ratios of representation in political and corporate leadership in Nigeria? • Will the youths finally rise up and take their place at the driving wheel on our national journey into the future? • How can we successfully reduce poverty and unemployment? • What is the vision of Diaspora Engagement? • How can we pursue a vibrant foreign policy? • Can the ‘Office of the Citizen’ do its patriotic duty? • How does governance in Nigeria reduce waste and inefficiency? • What and who can save Nigeria? If any country needs a bold vision of how to turn its under-achieved potential into reality, it is Nigeria. Few are more equipped and prepared to offer such a roadmap as Kingsley Moghalu. Build, Innovate and Grow (BIG) covers a wide range of issues… informed both by Kingsley’s worldview and by an impressive, versatile career across multiple domains… This is a book whose time has come – a BIG vision for our country indeed. –Muhammadu Sanusi II Emir of Kano …an important new book for the people and leaders of Nigeria – Africa’s most important country. Bold, new thinking is required to address the country’s continuing challenges and to achieve its full economic and political potential. Kingsley Moghalu’s new book provides a vision and a roadmap for the country’s citizens and leaders. –Ambassador Johnnie Carson Senior Advisor, United States Institute of Peace Former United States Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Kingsley Moghalu has been nurturing his political philosophy for many years, while serving his country in the field of banking and finance. At a time of great change and challenge, he now offers a practical and compelling roadmap for achieving Nigeria’s long-slumbering potential. –David Marsh Chairman, Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum (OMFIF)

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