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Modern Econometric Modeling For Developing Economies II

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This book is the second volume of the econometric modeling text and which is structured to be a continuation of the first volume (with emphasis on time series / crossection econometrics and macro econometric modeling). In this volume, we have concentrated on developing non-linear models, financial econometrics and general equilibrium modeling. Indeed, the walrasian general equilibrium model provides an ideal framework for appraising who gains and loses; policy impacts not well covered by empirical macro models. Thus, the application of new and technically advanced mathematical, statistical and econometric tools and techniques are illustrated with respect to a number of different policy problems and settings (such as models with inter temporal dynamics and imperfect competition). This volume remain very useful to a wide range of applied and theoretical researchers as well as professional economists. It is essentially designed to provide a sound foundation to economic decision – making (i.e. selecting the best alternative given the economic criteria). The book is intended for graduate student of engineering, business administration, economics, accounting, finance, sciences and social sciences. And considering the breadth of the subject, the text also provides the fundamentals and reference tools for professionals in all functional areas. Finally, the book intend to increase the awareness of researchers in multi-agent systems and complex network in order to develop insight and foster predictive methodologies I studying emergent intelligence on of network agents.

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