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Nigeria At 100: What Next?

Author: J.O Irukwu
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Nigeria at 100  is an attempt to document in modest and constructive language our journey as a modern nation in the past 100 years, highlighting the landmark events during this period. the book is divided into four parts with a total of 22 chapters. The first part, with seven chapters, deals with the historical background starting with the early history and covering the pre-colonial years, independence and the challenges of nationhood, military intervention in politics and governance, the civil war, the return to democracy, and the continuing challenges of development. Part 2, which examines the major impediments to nation-building, has a total of five chapters covering such important subjects as the leadership problem, the negative problem of ethnicity, the perennial, and the disturbing problem of corruption. Part 3 makes a case for healing our national wounds through national reconciliation, transformation, and patriotism. This part of the book also makes a case for a united, viable, and stable Nigerian nation. Part 4 attempts to answer the question as to which direction Nigeria should be heading as a nation after the centenary celebrations. Since the emphasis in our general theme is changed to a better society by way of transformation and reformation, especially in the critical areas identified in this book, this section starts with the role of the family as the unit that lays the foundation and sets the values that influence the character, judgment, and behavior of our young people who will subsequently become important citizens and members of the leadership elite.


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