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Nigeria Descent Into Anarchy And Collapse?

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Nigeria celebrated the hundredth year of the amalgamation of Northern and Southern Nigeria resulting in the country now known by that name. Within that period, Nigerians of all persuasions and across divides have repeatedly clamoured for the dismemberment of the country. They argue that the country is a piece of unworkable contraption put together by the British for the promotion of British interests. Even under tight British colonial rule Nigerian nationalists defied British wrath to demand the de-coupling of Nigeria. Apart from the charge of incompatibility, Nigerians observed that the Nigerian federal structure was a perfect example of an imperfect federation.-This has been described by scholars as ‘subverted federalism,’ verbal federalism, and ‘feeding bottle federalism’ The constitutional template is defective and the political class is drawn from a class that sees the Constitution as a garb of immunity and an employment bill of privilege. The philosophy of the political class can best be described as power without responsibility which sees service to the people as a favour and misappropriation from government coffers as dividends of leadership.

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