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Omoyele Sowore: Beyond the Broken Chains

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This is a revolutionary compendium and essays around the events that unfolded from that wistful night when Omoyele Stephen Sowore, Nigerian pro-democracy campaigner, journalist, and former presidential candidate, was forcefully whisked away in the wee hours of 3 August 2019.

On that stale night when men slept, some 8 heavily armed men from the Nigerian State Security Service, carrying IWI Tavor-21 bullpup assault rifles and ominously decked in black, stormed the residence of Sowore as he prepared to lead revolutionary minds into a second Nigerian independence via the #RevolutionNowprotest. The protest was in reaction to continuing inept governance, frightening insecurity, decades of national stagnation and retrogression, demeaning social injustice, and the unprecedented hardship on the hapless citizenry who became insecure victims from the tragic governance of a clueless few.
In and out of detention, events quickly overtook one another even as the Nigerian government under President-General Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR, severally circumvented the rule of law and left justice shivering and groping behind closed doors.

Court after Court, Sowore was granted bail with strident conditions, including restrictions not to travel outside Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria. In all of these, little did they know that they were unconsciously laying the solid foundation for a paradigm shift and the rebirth of a new Nigeria as the unbroken Sowore, swiftly and courageously, walked beyond the broken chain to unveil…

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