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The Mystery Gunman

Author: Kayode Eso
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In 1995 i read ‘the mystery gunman’ a masterpiece written by Justice Kayode Eso. First, i read the excerpt published by the Guardian newspaper that year. Eso wrote about a case that came before him when he was a magistrate in the 60s. A mystery gunman had invaded the radio house in Ibadan.The people of the western region were waiting for a very important broadcast by the premier,Mr. Ladoke Akintola.

Security men surrounded the radio station but it was only a gimmick.The Premier already prepared a recorded speech that would be broadcast that day. When it was time to broadcast the premier’s speech,a ‘mystery gunman’ came out of no where and held the studio manager hostage.He pointed a gun at him and exchange the speech with his own.

The gunman also ordered him to play his own tape.When he did,it was a complete embarrassment to the Premier and his government. The speech ‘abused’ religious and political leaders for not having the interest of the people at heart. Durning investigation, a young lecturer,Mr. Wole Soyinka was arrested and put for trial as the ‘mystery gunman’. Soyinka’s lawyer was his bosom friend, Mr. Bola Ige and his brother. The book is very interesting, get a copy.

-By Niyi Tabiti

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