The great and legendary Dr. Tai Solarin was Nigreia’s most outstanding campainer for democracy, justic and fair play; a courageous socisl critic and columnist for their illegal usurpation of ploitical power and human rights abuses during his lifetime.

An imaginative and innovative Educationist who pioneered a unique educational system in Nigeria that made the use of students’ hands through manual labour and practical vocational activities to become the bedrock of meaningful education that can make a nation great.
He started his famous Mayflower School in Ikenne; and his vision attracted renowned educationists from Europe and America, who gave him all assistance in realizing his unique educational dream
He luckily had a great partner, fellow crusader and a goal-getter in his highly intelligence British-born wife, sheila.
This book reveals Dr. Tai’s unparalleled initiative, courage, humannes, originality, unassuming manners, profound love for the masses and the down-trodden and humility, among other imperishable legacies.

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