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Anioma In Comtemporary Nigeria Issues Of Identity And Development

Author: Kunirum Osia
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Anioma in Contemporary Nigeria is a multi-authored book which is an affirmation of the self-determination of a people who see themselves at a crossroads within the contemporary Nigerian state. The book equally highlights other issues including strategies for the transformative development of Anioma. The Anioma people live within a context of shared understanding, mutual expectations, and accepted normns. The Anioma people have a shared history and Common symbols of human relations. No Anioma person wishes to be recast in a mould that is not Anioma, which is the present realíty in Nigeria.

The contributors confirm that only Anioma can communicate a sense of history to Aniomans. It is abundantly clear that the Anioma people’s journey involves more than navigating the geography of political boundaries, it is a continuous mapping and remapping of the geography of their history, culture, identity and development. The Anioma people no longer wish to be objects in the history of others rather they wish to be subjects of their own history. This book provides interesting insights into a much misunderstood and neglected people who reside in Delta State, whose historical antecedents have been distorted over time.

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