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Bright Beams In The Dark Shadow: Perspective On Light Emergent

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Starting as a simple compilation of selected lifetime writings, Bright Beams in Dark Shadow evolves into a personal testimony with a thrusting thematic thread; that of the ongoing battle of an ever-challenging Light, with an entrenched and dominant Darkness. Underlying emphasis is given to the fast-accelerating shift in Life Principles and Life Values from our planet’s world of the parochial, into a modern world of emergent universals of inclusion and engagement. The profound and transformative role of cybernetics, recognised and understood by few, emerges as the base platform from which all else in our unfolding future, follows. It is hoped this lengthy selection of odes, articles, critiques and commentaries will provide for the reader a powerful stimulant to a wide range of ponderings, queries and challenges at every level and depth; and indeed on new, penetrating and provocative Perspectives on Light Emergent.

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