Gender, Culture, and Development in Africa interrogates ways in which gender, culture, and development in the African context reinforce, shape, and reshape one another. In four parts, comprising fifty chapters, the book provides stimulating debates and constructive engagements about the enactment of gender and power relations within the African context and its implications for development outcomes. The engaging and carefully organized chapters furnish the readers with a sumptuous “buffet” of narratives, pedagogical dialogues, and critical discourses on African women and men in their varied cultural, political, economic, and social contexts. The multidisciplinary approach traversing literary studies, education, political science, religious studies, linguistics, history, economics, and law, amongst others, makes the book relevant to scholars of gender and African studies across these disciplines. Mobolanle Ebunoluwa Sotunsa is a Professor of Gender Studies and African Oral Literature in the Department of Languages and Literary Studies, at Babcock University, Nigeria. Olajumoke Yacob-Haliso is an Associate Professor of Political Science at Babcock University, Nigeria.

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