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Do Not Die In Their War

Author: Dele Farotimi
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“Dele Farotimi is a vetran of the struggle to make sense of democracy in NIGERIA. He was in the trenches in the dark days of military rule when democracy seemed the panacea for all our ills as a nation. Over two decades of democratic governance has proven all our hopes badly misplaced. Individual and institution corruption has eroded whatever progress democratic governance could have brought. The giant of Africa is crippled by a myrid of self-inflicted woes, chief of them, poor leadership and wanton greed. More than ever in NIGERIA is in dire need of credible voices to carry a torch for equity, justice, compassion and empathy for the common man. Farotimi’shas not dimmed. Do not Die in their War is an important treatise that weaves the leasson of our history, identifies the ignoble cast of characters in whose hands our dreams died, and more critically offers us timely warnings. It is a frank and informed narrative to which Nigerians will all do well to pay good attention.”

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