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Formation: The Making of Nigeria from Jihad to Amalgamation

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“I read this gripping account of Nigeria’s ‘Formation’ straight through in one day powerfully evocative it is both a work of scholarship and storytelling. Rending it at one level is quite simply an act of citizenship, a necessity for anyone seeking an understanding of this vast, unruly country still in the process of becoming.

Dele Olojede, winner of the Pulitzer Prize

“In Formation, Fola Fagbule and Feyi Fawehinmi take the readers-in exhilarating jaunts into Nigeria’s pre-colonial and early colonial pasts- through milestone events leading up to the 1914 Amalgamation, and breathing new life into familiar historical circumstances with uncommon perspectives of the indigenous populations. The formation is not only a must-have for all Nigerians but also for everyone with a genuine interest in the West African country.”

ljeoma Nwogwugwu, Columnist and Managing Director
of Arise News Channel

“I often argue that Nigeria’s foundation problem is not corruption or poor leadership, but rather that the country does not have an aligned national narrative, a founding story to build the imagined community of Nigerians that all Nigerians can feel part of and be proud of. This is what creates a nation and a national identity. The Formation is the book that lays the foundation on which that Nigerian imagined community can be formed.”

Dr. Wiebe Boer, CEO, All On and author of A Story of Heroes
and Epics: The History of Football in Nigeria

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