This collection by four of Nigeria’s most perceptive and prolific journalists covers a period of almost 40 years. The articles display a deep, razor-sharp insight into how our system – private and public – works or doesn’t work, whether it is run by men and women in overstarched uniform or in overflowing agbada. It doesn’t matter which route we take; we still arrive at the same place.

The collection is a testament to the unending problems of our polity and our uncanny ability to paper over them. They cover all spheres of our life, political, economic and social.

This collection does not represent the history of Nigeria but it gives us the silhouette of our life as a nation during the period it covers. Some of the columns are direct and devastating; others are sonorous or satirical; some make you laugh; others make you cry. Taken as a whole, the collection epitomises the complexity of our
country and the dexterity needed to navigate the bends. It also shows that several of the routes we take lead us to the same place. Which is why we decided, as a linking thread to all the articles, to call the book, Moving in Circles

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