It was only hours to the annulment of the June 12, 1993, presidential election. “Once inside his office, General Babangida locked the door. He welcomed me with a strong appeal to my loyalty which I assured him was constant. He looked very worried: he removed his shoes and cap and confessed that his wife did not know where he was at the time and that he drove himself from Minna to Abuja to see me. For a few minutes, he remained speechless and looked morose. I see disaster for myself and my family. Where do I go from here?” The President asked. “Professor, we must find a solution here and now, or else I am finished.'””

The annulment of “free, fair, and credible” elections anywhere and at any time has constituted, and still constitutes, a gross betrayal of citizens’ right to human dignity. Developments in Algeria and Burma illustrated this so well. Nigeria joined the ranks of countries denying the right of choice to their citizens when on June 23, 1993, the presidential election held two weeks earlier was nullified by virtue of a statement, unsigned and undated, issued on a piece of paper that bore no seal of government. The Tale Of June 12 examines the issues and events surrounding the bizarre and momentous decision. Professor Omo Omoruyi was General Babangida’s friend and closest political confidant. throughout his eight-year stint as military President. Thus, his account of the June 12 presidential election debacle is both authentic and riveting. Once and for all, it puts paid to all the rumors, speculations, and outright lies that passed for analyses of one of the most turbulent periods of Nigeria’s chequered political history.

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