This Honse of ODUDUWA Must Not Fall represents a quest to share the ultimate eye-opening journey to the root of the problems of (the geographical entity called) Nigeria. It chronicles, like a travelogue, the intrigue and scheming of Her Majesty’s servants to dominate Nigeria through and with the connivance of the “Emirate.” The author’s central hypothesis is awe-inspiring, as it simulates from geometrical point, the a dissembled subjugate Southern conspiracy to (the Nigeria, people of and
in particular), the descendants of Oduduwa.

The book is a vivid, well-researched, exposition of the genesis of the contemporary problems facing Nigeria. Although, the book does not take a ladle into current issues, its aims are to juggle the memory of the old, and painlessly infuse into the youth, the lessons of Machiavellian and the struggle politics, for civil democratic society in Nigeria. Inspired by what he has experienced, and based on what he has read, Sir Olaniwun Ajayi Seeks consciousness the indomitable past, in order to find ahead to the future- with a to bring to Our the road view to lifting the burden on Nigeria.

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