“Another great book from one of Nigeria’s finest scholars. Falola has brought together, under one cover, answers to all the questions anyone may want to ask about
Nigeria but have never been able to frame-up in a question. This book will put us in Falola’s debt for quite a long time.”

ABIODUN ALAO, Professor of African Studies,
King’s College London

“This book provides one of the most comprehensive and insightful analysis of the complexities of democracy, development, and state-building in Nigeria. Going beyond narratives of post-colonial dysfunction, this book highlights the contradictions, ambiguities, and positive potentials of Africa’s most populous country. The depth of analysis and policy prescriptions make the book essential reading for anyone who seeks to understand modern Nigeria.”

BONNY IBHAWOH, Senator William McMaster Chair in Global Human Rights, McMaster University

“In this magisterial volume, Africa’s foremost historian and theoretician weaves a mesmerizing meta-narrative and meta-theory of Africa’s largest democracy and economy: Nigeria. Comprehensively capturing yet transcending the dominant scholarship, Falola’s triadic framework explains Nigeria’s dialectic progress and retrogression. This is the definitive text for a new generation of scholars.” OLAJUMOKE YACOB-HALISO, Dean, Veronica Adeleke School ofSocia Sciences,Babcock University, Nigeria

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